Fort Collins Colorado Real Estate Market

The Fort Collins, Colorado residential real estate market is a solid one and one that’s not full of a lot of surprises. In fact, this year, the Coloradoan, part of the USA Today network, published a forecast piece, expecting the 2018 year to actually be “boring.”

For those interested in the Fort Collins real estate market, that might not necessarily inspire confidence. That is, until digging deeper into the overall economic climate of northern Colorado and Larimer County.

Fort Collins Colorado Real Estate Market

Fort Collins is situated in the northern part of the Centennial State, known for its Old Town historic district, vintage trolley, and quaint specialty stores and eateries. It’s largely a quiet place but still offers much to see and do. And, for just about any time of year, during all four seasons.

Fort Collins and Larimer County, at-large, boast a low unemployment rate, strong job market, rising wages, and a strong housing market. All combined, this makes Fort Collins a great place to call home.

The Fort Collins real estate market hasn’t exactly reflected much change over the past few years. This is particularly true from around the start to mid-2015, through 2016 and 2017, to mid-2018.

In fact, the median listing price over the last few years has only slightly risen. In mid-2015, the median listing price hovered around the high $300s, by the beginning of 201, it nearly reached $400 and stayed right around there until after the first quarter of 2018. By mid-2018, it’s topped above $400k and appears like it’s on a very slight rise.

However, the days on the market are totally different. In mid-2015, the median days on market was about 40, rising to 50 and then 60 days by the end of the year. At the start of 2016, the median DOM spiked above 70, the steeple fell to the middle 40s through most of 2016. Eventually, the median days on market briefly hit 70 at the beginning of 2017, only to fall to almost 50 days by mid-year. Today, that figure is about 40 days on the market.

Fort Collins is quite diverse in its residential housing, meaning there’s something for just about everyone here. Single-family homes, condos, and townhouses, with floor plans ranging from quaint to family sized to luxury houses.

Another bit of good news for homebuyers and homeowners is there’s an abundance of apartment complexes under construction or in development. That certainly benefits homeowners and buyers alike due to oversupply. For help finding Fort Collins Real Estate please contact us.